Native app or web app? It's up to you!
We have a strong expertise on Content Management Systems (CMS), ecommerce and native apps.

Native applications or web applications

We can build high-performance native applications for Mac, Windows or Linux with Xojo framework (the reason of the X in our logo and company name). With WordPress or ExpressionEngine (also called eecms), we can build web applications.

The main concept of these solutions is great. One database to manage the content and HTML templates to display the content, depending on conditions based on a business logic.

Thanks to powerful engines and a great user interface, it's easy to customize any development for your needs. We are building web apps or websites with WordPress or eecms since more than 10 years, including this one running on ExpressionEngine. This is our favorite tool compared to WordPress, and we can explain why.

Compatible with all servers

WordPress and ExpressionEngine are easy to install on Mac servers, fully compatible with all versions of PHP, including version 8. We can do the setup for you or work with existing instances.

High performance & secure

WordPress and ExpressionEngine are solid solutions. Both are trusted by many fortune 500 companies. You can handle a large number of users and there are solutions to scale a project for a huge number of users.

Easy to use

The control panel aslo called dashboard for WordPress or eecms are both deligthful to use and powerful, easy to customize for your needs. With access roles, you can setup the available functions for each type of individual.

Many options with extensions

We can extend the functionalites of WordPress or eecms with hundred of extensions taking care of internationalization, shopping, image processing and more. What is your need?

Ecommerce: a form to order a product or a complete store?

We can help for any ecommerce projects using WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Stripe, Paypal, OpenCart or Shopify engines.

We can also build a full featured store of your dream or a full subscription based service for any SAAS application. We love building reliable and simple online stores focusing on good checkout frontend user experiences.

Servers expertise

Linux or macOS, we know how to handle these servers. We can do the setup and maintenance for you. We recommend to rent a server at for the best security and performance.

Security expertise

The technologies we work with have a strong reputation, trusted by many fortune 500 companies. Security is more important than ever with the huge activities of hackers. Don't underestimate the risks.

We are ready to help

With our experience of these two tools featuring a great user experience,
we can build your projects, ideas.

WordPress website

ExpressionEngine website

Xojo website