History of changes for SpamOut | WebKiosk | WebDesk | EasyGantt | MultiTime | InfoMenu | MyDock

  • Feb 17 2023
    Version 8.2.1

    - Improved support of macOS 13 Ventura
    - Improved performance
    - Fix an issue with user idle time
    - Version required for any new purchase of licenses

  • Nov 23 2022
    Version 8.2

    - Improved support of local websites with the integration of a powerful web server
    - Support of websites not using https and websites using old TLS 1.1 version
    - Possibility to download and install WebKioskAgent app from the preferences (this background app relaunch WebKiosk in case of a crash)
    - Possibility to send feature requests, bug reports or testimonials from the preferences
    - Fix an issue when you download an update from preferences
    - Improved performance and reliability
    - Improved user experience

    NOTE  We are now also offering a Windows version

  • Nov 11 2022
    Version 8.1.1

    - Bug fixed (keep as a front process option was not working in some conditions)
    - Better support of the dark mode (toolbar icons)
    - Block the access to the Finder from the left bottom corner
    - Other minor bugs fixed
    - Improved reliability

  • Oct 21 2022
    Version 8.1

    - Ready for macOS 13 Ventura (tested, optimized)
    - New crash management (you can send a report and the app will not crash in most cases)
    - New option in preferences to automatically start the app at launch of the Mac
    - New option in preferences to automatically relaunch the app in case of a crash (requires WebKioskAgent app to be installed)
    - Integration of a password assistant for more secure passwords
    - Integration of "Check for Update…"  option (located in preferences) with powerful auto-update engine
    - Improved performance and reliability

    NOTE: download link for WebKioskAgent app

  • Oct 13 2022
    Version 8.0.3

    - Bugs fixed
    - New feature: Parent and Child mode. Possibility to send the preferences to xProline servers for easy deployment of multiple kiosks
    - New feature: Search function for the toolbar and choice of search engine in Preferences.
    - Improved performance

  • Oct 10 2022
    Version 8.0.2

    - Bugs fixed
    - Improved management of notifications

  • Oct 03 2022
    Version 8.0.1

    • Bugs fixed

  • Oct 01 2022
    Version 8.0

    - Complete rewrite with a modern engine and WKwebview HTML engine (same engine than Safari)
    - Requires macOS 11 or later versions
    - New name (formerly MacPodium)

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