BuddyMap 1.0

Display your members
on Apple Map

This WordPress plugin allows you to display the members of BuddyPress or BuddyBoss plugins on a map powered by Apple Mapkit JS. In settings, you can enter the default URL, the Apple Mapkit JS Token.

After updating the settings, you only need to create a new WordPress page and include the shortcode [BuddyMap] to display the map. Compatible BuddyPress and BuddyBoss plugins.

Example of a members page after installation, configuration of the plugin


Some communities using the plugin
maczoom.com | bestofdesign.io | ifrance.io

How licenses are working?
Our licensing system is simple. One license = one WordPress website. If you need to install the plugin on multiple websites, you need to order multiple licenses. You will always get an automatic discount for volume purchases.

Number of licenses 2 3 to 10 11 to 50 51 and +
Discount in percentage -20% -35% -45% -55%

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    Step1: Install the plugin.
    Step 2: Update settings
    Step 3: Create a page with the shortcode [BuddyMap].

We are ready to help

We can also customize the plugin to your needs, add features.