Apps for Linux

Options related to the method of payment
With the credit card option, you can get a discount for multiple licenses.
With Paypal option, you can add multiple apps to a cart.

         ONE TIME PAYMENT ONLY   Clicking on an icon open the related product page

  • 1.3


  • Delete spam automatically

  • 1.3.1


  • Browse multiple social networks

  • 8.2.1


  • Fullscreen web browser for kiosks


How licenses are working?
Our licensing system is simple. One license = one computer. If you need to install an app on multiple computers, you need to order multiple licenses. You will always get an automatic discount for volume purchases (only available with the credit card option)

Number of licenses 2 3 to 10 11 to 50 51 and +
Discount in percentage -20% -35% -45% -55%

For services not present in this list, you can place an order from the app after creating a dedicated account.